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"Publicity can be terrible, but only if you don't have any."


-- Jane Russell

Black Butterflies Press 1
Black Butterflies Press 2
Equanimous Minds L'indépendant News
Edge Media Network Article
Equanimous Minds - Quillade - France
Les Bavards du Net EM Press Article
Equanimous Minds - Ladepeche France
The Vine 98.7 FM, Ithaca
WRFI Radio Interview
The Bottom String 2013
The Bottom String 2012
Light Sweet Crude Sonic Agenda
Vanessa Daou - Windy City Times Light Sweet Crude Press
Vanessa Daou - Pop Matters - Light Sweet Crude Press
EventsDroid France 2015
Equanimous Minds-Roundtown-France
Leucate Mediteranee City Hall France
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