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Bopa King Carre is a deeply spiritual and intuitive creator; an extremely versatile and eclectic drummer, master percussionist, improviser, composer, arranger, producer, event designer, bass player, actor, & educator.

Influenced by a diverse socio-cultural background, Bopa grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, listening to the exotic sounds of 1970s, AM Radio, whatever records he could find in his parents' album collection and the Salsa Romantico that he heard all day and every night outside of his apartment window. As time went on, Bopa’s cultural and musical influences progressed into live performances across many genres, not limited to: Jazz, Afro-Cuban, Free Jazz, Fusion Jazz, Minimalism, Progressive/Experimental sounds, R&B, Disco, Funk, Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, Country & Western, Reggae,  Dance Hall, Calypso, and Hip Hop, as well as over 20 years of House Music, Techno, and numerous other genres in the Electronic Dance Music idiom.


Bopa King Carre's constant exploration of the music and rhythms from his life-study, world travel, performance history, and extensive dance club experience keep Bopa naturally sensitive to the dynamics and attitudes of any musical situation. Bopa's improvisational mastery is in part elucidated by way of his real-time anticipation of any facet of musical progression at any tempo, initiated by musicians and DJs alike.  Bopa's intuitive ability to accurately "play in the mix" with DJs is unparalleled in the Dance Music world. This level of symbiotic cohesion is one of the most obvious attributes which sets Bopa apart.


"I'm not playing the drums. I am the drums.

What I'm playing is THE MUSIC."


In addition to being featured on many record releases, both major and independent, Bopa King Carre has performed and collaborated with artists and major DJs, at venues spanning the globe (visit the Discography page for a full list). He now chooses to focus on music writing, production and performance with his several associates, which has spawned the birth and the re-birth of several projects including, Equanimous Minds, The Proletarians, Spaghetti Westerners, The Drew Stone Hit Squad, Bigger Bang Media, and The King Bopa Thing. As always Bopa King Carre designs and contributes to the creation of countless world-class private events, servicing the high-end entertainment desires public figures and Fortune 500 companies.

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